I picked up a camera five years ago and fell in love with the way it freezes a moment in time that you can look at forever. The way that you can look at one photo and immediately feel all the feels. if you aren't feeling allll the feels then I haven't done my job. Here’s my heart behind all of this: I want your photos to feel like you.. I want to capture the rare moments, the moments you only dreamed about, the moments you want to keep close forever. My style is moody, warm, and romantic. The root of my art is storytelling so I would also describe my style as documentary.  but it’s also fun! I'll get you reading a letter from your person and weeping, and I'll also take a shot and tear up the dance floor with you. That’s pretty much me! I look forward to meeting you friend!

hello there! i'm Tessa. But you can call me tess.
 I'm a photographer and a storyteller
who is a hopeless romantic.

you just met your new bestie.

anything to do with concerts - Big fan of Harry Styles & taylor Swift. 

Things that
make my heart soar

a storyteller who is a — hopeless romantic

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Southern California wedding and portrait photographer documenting love stories world wide